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pleached trees

These trees are a relatively recent development in smaller UK gardens, although they have been part of larger estate gardens for some considerable time.Mostly these trees are used as hedges on stilts and can be used to extend the height of your garden fence or wall to offer you more privacy in the garden.Pleached trees can be supplied at any time of year and can be made to your requirements given the natural limitations of the tree.

Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) can have clear stems from 50cm to 220cm with bamboo frames on top. Using Hornbeam is particularly advantageous when you want the tree stem to finish in line with an existing wall or fence. Also Hornbeam can have some brown leaf retention over the winter for extra cover although this cannot be guaranteed.

Other pleached trees tend to have 180cm plus clear stems as this is natural growing height of the tree. Bamboo frames can be put on top of the stem, most commonly at 150cm wide and 120cm high but this can be adjusted. Other varieties include Lime (Tilia) varieties, and Ornamental Pear (Pyrus cal ‘chanticleer’).

Evergreen pleached trees can be made in Photinia ‘Red Robin’.  These trees are typically available with 200cm to 220cm clear stems and a bamboo rack size of 150cm x 150cm. If the material is available then sometimes we can offer our customers different dimensions. 


Pleached trees can be supplied at any time of year and can be made to your requirements given the natural limitations of the tree.

Our nursery specialises in making pleached trees to your measurements. So if you want trees where the clear stem of the trunk ends at the top of your wall or fence then we can usually oblige. We use good quality fully feathered Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) trees with 12cm to 16 cm girth and these pleached trees are made by us in our nursery in Hertford.


Ready made fanned fruit trees made in our nursery in Hertford. These are available in the following varieties:

Pyrus c 'Williams'

Malus d. 'James Grieve

Malus d 'Red Boskoop'

Prunus d 'Victoria'

1_pleached carpinus betulus-1.jpg2_pear fan 120cm x 100cm-2.jpg3_short stem pleached cb-3.jpg4_pleached rounds-4.jpg