Instant hedging troughs

Once a year in November we put a few days aside to replenish our Box instant hedging troughs which we have been making for around 25 years. We tend to make a few hundred every year with the aim to always have enough from the previous years batch available for sale while this years batch has time to root together and mature.

We use 30-40cm high bare root box plants from Holland that come in bundles of 10 which I separate and root trim.   

The plants will then make their way to the potting station, 9-10 plants are placed into the 100cm length troughs and as always we use a good quality compost to give the plants the best start possible.

As you can see in the back ground we have already made well over 150 troughs which now have been trimmed to 30cm high.  These troughs will be well looked after until around June time when the roots will have knotted together and after the new growth is been trimmed they will be ready for sale.

If you would like more information on our Instant hedging troughs please click this link or contact us by email.