Some of my favourite plants

If you have had a look at our website or around our nursery, you may have realised that we have a lot of different shapes and sizes to choose from.  It may have been a lot to take in, so my aim in this blog is to show you some of my favourite plants currently in stock, plants which are usually available all year round and what they can all be used for.

Box balls

Box Ball

This particular box plant is around 130-140cm diameter and is perfect dome shape.  This would make a wonderful center piece or as the main dome with various sized smaller domes plants around for a cloud hedging design. 

Box Spirals

Box Spiral

These fantastic thick box spirals will give quite an impact. Standing around 160-190cm high and 60cm wide these would work very well as a pair with one either side a front door, back door or Patio.

Ilex crenata cloud

Ilex crenata cloud

This cloud tree is a perfect feature plant suiting modern or oriental style gardens. 150-170cm high and has already been planted in a nice wooden planter this would be difficult to find a nice spot in your garden or patio for this piece.   

Cones and Pyramids

Our range of Cones and Pyramids are a great way of giving your garden structural shape, you can plant these in a uniformed row, in planters on a patio or either side of your front door or even individually placed around the garden to hide unsightly areas. cones and pyramid can range from 60-250cm high.

Box Duos

These 130-140cm high and 90-100cm wide Box duo plants are quite unusual. Another plant which would be perfect for a center piece. smaller matching duos and trios are available which are again perfect for pairing either side of a front door or planted to start a pathway.

Pleached and Boxhead Hornbeam trees

Pleached trees and box head trees are mainly used to extend the height of your garden fence or wall to make your own private garden. We can supply newly pleached trees at any time of year and shape them to meet your requirements.  Box head trees are usually only available in the rootball season.

For more detailed information on any of the above plants or if you would like to see the full range, please have a look through our portfolio of stock.