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Crown Topiary care guide for Privet

Crown Topiary care guide for Privet

Care Guide For Privet (Ligustrum Jonandrum)

We recommend the use of Empathy Rootgrow in preparation for planting trees and shrubs. It is a mycorrhizal fungi powder which is sprinkled into the planting hole to encourage strong growth and resistance to drought.

Watering: This plant requires regular watering three times a week. Feel the soil and make sure it is damp to the touch, not sodden and not tinder dry. This type of watering needs little and often, rather than large quantities of water in one go.

Clipping: Small leaf privet grows rapidly and needs clipping quite often in the summer months with clean sharp shears or secateurs. It tends to start its growth a bit later than other topiary plants but once it has started it needs clipping every two to three weeks. It stops growing around September time and remains the same shape until the next spring.

Feeding: This plant produces white flowers in the summer which turn into small black berries in the autumn. These flowers and berries make the plant very attractive but mean that feeding is very important. Please use Empathy Evergreen , available from our nursery, every two to three weeks and a boost feed of ‘Osmacote’ to ensure good leaf development.

Treatment: Ligustrum jonandrum is susceptible to aphids, leaf-mining moths and thrips but remains largely disease free. Chemical treatments can be bought in your local Garden Centre.

General information: Small leaf privet is not fully hardy, so if it is placed in an exposed position we would suggest you protect from any severe cold spells of the winter.