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Mark Hodson Sculptures

Mark Hodson Sculptures

Metal Sculptures

Mark Hodson is a Metal Sculptor based in Lincolnshire, using recycled materials to create sculptures for your garden.

Mark is based in Grantham, Lincolnshire with his wife Amy and budgie Monty. He is a self employed handyman and originally trained in the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineering Artificer. Honing his craft in metal work and copper smithing allowed Mark to  explore the diversity of metal components and how they respond to each other. By using these skills he has found an art in the creative expression of recycling discarded metal objects. Whether they be nuts and bolts, garden implements, old boiler casings or broken tools, which have no further use in the traditional sense, Mark transforms them into beautiful flowers, individually interpreted quirky fun animals and abstract figures. Materials are reliably sourced from the locality and many pieces are 100 percent recycled. Commissions are welcome and any ideas open to discussion.

Please go to Mark’s website for more amazing sculptures and information.