A Day Of Pleaching

The order has been made, the rain has cleared, the sun has come out and it is time to start making yet another batch of Carpinus betulus pleached trees.    

Pleached trees have been increasingly popular in recent times as they are a quick and easy solution for high-level screening without taking up too much space. They are mainly used along the borders of properties acting as extensions to a fence or hedge, to increase privacy or block out unsightly buildings and has quickly become popular with landscape and garden designers, making appearances in show gardens across the world.

We can offer mature and newly pleached trees with many different sizes and can even build trees to your own specification (within reason)... we should know what we are doing as we have been making and supplying pleached trees at Crown Topiary HQ for over 20 years! 

Today we will be making 14 Newly pleached Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) trees with the specified measurements our customer has requested, a clear stem of 175cm with 130cm high by 150cm wide frames.  

We make the frames in advance from bamboo, so all we need to do today is pick the right trees (to covers much of the frame as possible) and start shaping.

Once the frame is attached we start tying down branches to span across the frame.  Pleaching can be done all year round but the best time is when the trees sap is rising, this makes the branches much more flexible and easy to manipulate.

Carpinus betulus pleaching

Now the frame has been covered from top to bottom the extra branches are removed and existing ones tidied up to finish the tree.

One down,13 to go!!  

The finished pleached trees ready to deliver!

The finished pleached trees ready to deliver!

Here is a wonderful example of some Hornbeam newly pleached tree we supplied to a different customer. The pictures shows before and after two seasons of growth.

Hornbeam newly pleached before and after two seasons