Topiary Tours Europe - Chateau Villandry

These gardens are simply stunning...

Last summer on our first trip to France in our new motor home we decided to visit the wonderful topiary gardens in Chateau Villandry in the beautiful Loire valley.

We arrived really early in the morning with the intention of being the first through the door, so we could get our photographs before the crowds filled the gardens. Fortunately we had about 1 hour before that happened.

The gardens are absolutely stunning and we couldn't help but feel sorry for the people who have to clip all of that topiary. It must be a never ending job! But, as we know only too well, clipping can only be done at certain times of year so they must have to employ lots of topiarists over the summer months to deal with those Box hedges. Then during the autumn and winter they can take the time to clip the box-head trees and English yew pieces.

Chateau Villandry Gardens are most famous in the trade for the signature Yew pieces that stand like solemn sentinels on the corners of parterre hedges and alongside wonderful pathways of glorious colour. These signature Yew pieces can be bought from our nursery and we call them Villandry to recognise their heritage.

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